Edited at 22.02.2021 – Synthesis of literature review

Tips of How to Make a Literature Review

Every academy papers, all of them have an own structure and methods of conducting researches. When aiming to make a complete one, you need to meet the literature review writing help requirement requirements first. You don’t want to sound off-topic or something that doesn’t related to your work. Below, we have a complete guide on how to do a literature review. Read on to know more!

Do thorough assessment

Before beginning, try to find out what sources are you using. By now, you must have a list of references to use in the in-text citation. The https://www.litreview.net/conclusion-of-literature-review/ references will be needed when other researchers try to use their resources. If there is a case where you’re not able to locate the resources, please be quick to ask for recommendations from your tutors.

The next step is to think about the background information and activities conducted. What’s missing in the data you’ll include in the literature review? As we all understand, the abstract is the premise of every section of a literature review. Before starting to do the final analysis, you’ll need to come up with the titles https://ed-galilee.univ-paris13.fr/ of the crucial points in your paperwork.

Synthesis of literature review

After collecting the necessary sources, you’ll then analyze and organize the result in a draft copy. After that, you’ll evaluate the findings in these drafts and decide on the outcome. From there, you should be ready to present the literature review to your supervisors. Besides, it would be great if you used the summary notes during the literature review to cite down the mistakes done.

Elements of a good literature review

Now, what elements are essential in a literature review?